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Hello world!

The beginning of a digital life.

I love to read and write but I haven’t accomplished maintaining the same rhythm with both activities. Opening this personal blog is an advance to be able to start so that my ideas do not stay in my head and are digitized for better access.

This blog is a clear example of what happens in my mind around the things I experience. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be talking specifically about my life, but that whenever I find something that should remain digitized I will be sharing it in this space. Accessing this information is beneficial for me, it could be for you and/or someone you may know.

JAMstack for the win!

My first blog was made with jekyll, after I did some experiments with Gatsby and this time I decided to go with Hugo as the new tool for creating this new blog iteration.

The documentation of Hugo has a lot to be desired from other frameworks, however it has videos that helps you to start from scratch in a short time. The localization is implemented in Hugo and is very easy to do and I love it. Working with Hugo reminds me of using Angular or Laravel since you can create html templates and shortcodes that facilitate code sharing.

What is next?

I have a lot of plans for 2021 and I’m very excited to be able to share them in this space. The design of the blog is minimalist, my idea was to create this as if it were an electronic book, it’s for this reason that there is no comment section. If you want to contact me, you can do it through my social networks.

Read you soon…